Hello folks!

When I was staying in England I went to a gig of BASTILLE on the University of Kent campus. I didn’t know their music before I heard of the concert but I still bought tickets. Today I’m addicted to their sound and vibe, They’re a mixture of everything: alternative rock, Indie, dubstep, pop, … with a voice you just HAVE to love. Their gig was amazing, they have such wonderful energy that they project on their audience and you just have to sing along!

They also do a lot of original covers and you can download them for free at . You should also check out their youtube channel for their own songs! Their gig in Belgium was sold out in a couple of weeks, while the Belgian radiochannels don’t play their music yet. I hope they’ll visit us this summer at one of our festivals.


Courtyard Bazaar

As some of you may know, I’m studying at the University of Kent now in Canterbury. So today I was walking around in the city and saw this cute Vintage Market. I bought this jumper there for only £10 ! You can check them out on facebook for their next dates!


Twenty & Fabulous!

So here I am, 10.30 am, with a towel wrapped around my wet hair and wearing the ugliest bath coat you’ve ever seen. The cup coffee I’m drinking now was more than welcome. Yesterday was my ‘Not-Yet-Birthday-Party’ and my ‘Goodbye-Party’ before I’m going to Canterbury for 3 months. In the afternoon I was kidnapped by a friend to go shopping, afterwards we went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner. While we were climbing the hill to the pub where my party took place, I was already so thrilled and wishing nothing would go wrong that night.

And it didn’t, it was an amazing night, we laughed, drank and hugged. And when it was getting later and later and people started to go home, we stayed in the pub with six people until 3 am and deciding that it might be a good time to go home. That was after we decided that it might not be the best idea to dance on the tables… So I walked home alone, with all of my presents clutched under my arm – which largely consisted of dinosaurs – trying to walk straight and with an enormous smile on my face. Luckily am I extremely good in getting drunk without an hang-over the next day. Now I’m just terribly tired, in a serious need for coffee and too lazy to get dressed.

So here I am, twenty years old, with an emotional hang-over, looking absolutely hideous after a wonderful night with amazing friends.

And also: Ed Sheeran, because he is a genious!

DIY: Pimp your Vogue-shirt

I was bored so I decided to pimp my Vogue Fashion Night-shirt.
I made some photos just to give you inspiration to pimp your own shirt 🙂
It’s super-easy!

Ik verveelde me dus besloot ik mijn Vogue Fashion Night-shirt te pimpen
Ik heb wat foto’s ervan gemaakt om jullie inspiratie te geven om je eigen shirt te pimpen.

Het is heeeel makkelijk, want ik ben zelf absoluut geen Naai & Stik-wonder!

1. This is what you need: two buttons + t-shirt +scissors + needle ’n thread
1. Dit heb je nodig: 2 knopen + t-shirt + schaar + naald en draad

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Book: Game of Thrones

Probably everybody heard of it: Game of Thrones. People who didn’t know the TV series is actually based on a book should be slapped in the face right now. At our university, in the history department, everybody is watching/reading it and talking about it. I really wanted to watch it too, but NOT before I read the books first. It’s kind of a principle, when people ask me ‘Have you read the books too?’ then I can say yes. While I was taking classes I was just too busy to start with those 750 pages of the first book. When vacation started I bought the first book, in dutch, which was a horrible mistake. I have never read a book so badly translated in dutch than Game of Thrones.

Still, even though it’s a disgrace for literature and the author in Dutch, it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It is so realistic, like I’m studying for my course Medieval Times with all the stories of what happens with Kings and Queens and what happens within Kingdoms. At first, I admit, you’ll think ‘What is this? This is way too complicated’. Which is true, the complexity and the amount of people he introduces in the first 100 pages is overwhelming. But once you get through those first pages, a world of treason, murder and secrets will reveal itself, and there is nothing you can do but surrender.

I’m at the point that I really want to know how it ends, but I don’t want it to end. Luckily there are 5 more books, thousands of pages written about this incredible kingdom. I bought the rest of the books in English, and I can’t wait to fall in love with Martins way of writing. And after I have finished the first book, I can finally allow myself to start watching the series. And when that happens I’m sure I’ll be hooked and I’ll be wanting more…

Winter is coming…



Een paar weken geleden was ik met mijn ouders in Maasmechelen Village, mijn zwakke plek. Het is voor mij absoluut onmogelijk om daar geen geld uit te geven! Ik rende overenthousiast de winkel van Karen Millen in en stootte op een blauwe jurk die met kant was afgewerkt. En toevallig was ze zo enorm afgeprijsd dat ik ze toch écht niet kon laten hangen… Ik duik met mijn nieuwe liefde de kleedkamers in en haal opgelucht adem als blijkt dat de knopjes ter hoogte van mijn heupen perfect sluiten. – de laatste maanden zijn mijn heupen een héél stuk breder geworden, een erfenis van mijn moeder, maar dit is een heel ander verhaal – Ik spring mijn  kleedkamer uit om mijn ouders te overtuigen dat dit toch echt wel de meest geweldige jurk was die ik die maand was tegengekomen (ik ben nogal ontrouw als het op mijn jurken aankomt…).

Terwijl ik mezelf voor de spiegel bewonderde, vooral de taille die de jurk wonderbaarlijk tevoorschijn had getoverd, werd ik vergezeld door een Duitse vrouw. Ze droeg een échte bontjas die net tot onder haar knieën kwam. Ze draaide rond en rond, tot de verkoopster haar opmerkte. ‘Een koopje mevrouw! Deze komt van 1400 euro, nu slechts 900 euro, en het is echt bont he!’. Ik dook mijn kleedkamer terug in en dacht, ja die gaat ze vast weer mooi terughangen! Ik kwam met mijn boeltje dat kamertje uit en deelde mijn moeder mee dat de wereld mocht vergaan, maar ik niet buiten ging zonder die jurk en hem dus zelf wel zou betalen! Ik paradeer naar de kassa met mijn bankkaart in de hand -dat ding wordt vast ooit nog de nagel aan mijn doodskist- en daar stond ze. De Duitse vrouw, mét haar bontjas van 900 euro, stond haar gorgeous designer coat af te rekenen.

Nu denkt u, ja die was vast 60 want wie geeft er nu zo’n fortuin aan een bontjas? Ik verzeker u, het mens had nog maar net de dertig gehaald als je het mij vraagt! Ze was elegant, gesofisticeerd, had het typisch voorkomen van een echte fashionista en was een bontmantel rijker. Ik hoop dat ik ooit ook zo rijk ben dat ik zonder twijfelen 900 euro kan geven aan de perfecte vintage Chanel tas of compleet decadente Louboutins. Maar laten we stellen dat ik dat met mijn diploma geschiedenis daar nooit het geld voor ga hebben, tenzij ik dan toch die Engelse Lord uit Loch Ness weet te vissen…

Benieuwd naar mijn jurk? Hier is ie!  

Fools rush in

Here it is, the first post of my new blog! I used to have a blog One More Mile, but I decided I was too old to write that kind of stories. I started that blog when I was about 15 years old, the only thing I wrote about were the ups and downs of my turbulent teenage love life. I decided, while I’m almost twenty, that I’m done with that kind of stuff. Not saying that I’m wise enough not to walk in the traps of love, but wise enough to know that’s not the only thing life’s about.

I live in Belgium, so I speak dutch, but I rather like writing in English. I’ll probably write some post in dutch too but I’ll put them in a different category. I promise myself I’ll write at least one post a week, I noticed that when I became older I had less and less time to write. Which is sad because I love to do it and it helps me to clear my head.

I would be delighted if you’d follow me on Twitter  or Tumblr. And always feel free to comment!

With love,

Côte Sauvage – Quiberon, France