Twenty & Fabulous!

So here I am, 10.30 am, with a towel wrapped around my wet hair and wearing the ugliest bath coat you’ve ever seen. The cup coffee I’m drinking now was more than welcome. Yesterday was my ‘Not-Yet-Birthday-Party’ and my ‘Goodbye-Party’ before I’m going to Canterbury for 3 months. In the afternoon I was kidnapped by a friend to go shopping, afterwards we went to a fabulous restaurant for dinner. While we were climbing the hill to the pub where my party took place, I was already so thrilled and wishing nothing would go wrong that night.

And it didn’t, it was an amazing night, we laughed, drank and hugged. And when it was getting later and later and people started to go home, we stayed in the pub with six people until 3 am and deciding that it might be a good time to go home. That was after we decided that it might not be the best idea to dance on the tables… So I walked home alone, with all of my presents clutched under my arm – which largely consisted of dinosaurs – trying to walk straight and with an enormous smile on my face. Luckily am I extremely good in getting drunk without an hang-over the next day. Now I’m just terribly tired, in a serious need for coffee and too lazy to get dressed.

So here I am, twenty years old, with an emotional hang-over, looking absolutely hideous after a wonderful night with amazing friends.

And also: Ed Sheeran, because he is a genious!


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